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Social Media Nexus helps businesses create, maintain and engage with a profitable customer-base using social media platforms. They are a dynamic and tech-savvy team of social media marketers and online community managers.

From the start, they knew exactly what was needed to take my eCommerce business to the next level. From strategising the most effective and profitable growth path for the company to keeping us in the loop of the latest marketing trends they have always surpassed our expectations. In the first month, they beat our targets by double the amount expected and we grew month on month from there. I couldn’t think of a better agency to recommend if you’re serious about scaling your company!”

Harry Simonis, Tailored Athlete

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Social Media Nexus uses social marketing and analytics to optimise business advertising on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. We are tech-savvy social media marketing experts who are passionate about turning ads into sales by harnessing the power of social media analytics. Over 4 years we have served hundreds of clients, turning their investment into thousands of sales, building market-leading brands, retail empires and devoted customer bases along the way.