Joey’s Testimonials

I’ve personally used Agent 6 Marketing’s services recently and have found them to be extremely knowledgeable as well as efficient. We’ve had the project completed within the tight deadlines and have been very happy with the results of getting more leads for our business; Seriously Trademarks.

I am happy to recommend them for SEO and digital marketing services to anyone.

Binh Duong Rey

Jonathan Dawson

Founder of Digital Ninjas

Digital Ninjas is a dynamic digital marketing agency based in Sydney’s CBD, specialising in PPC, SEO, Display Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media, A/B and Multivariate Testing and Optimisation.

I had the pleasure of working with Joey for just over 18 months. As one of our Google Account Managers, we benefitted from Joey’s diligent market analysis and deep understanding of the Google product suite and the wider digital landscape.

He was instrumental in helping us secure several new clients and in helping our existing clients to get more out of their investment in digital.

Tanya Bellchambers

Co-founder of Blue Platypus

Blue Platypus is a team of strategists and creatives to help enliven brands to engage with the market to snag their ideal customers through Digital Strategy, Creative Services, Development, and Digital Marketing.

Joey worked wonders on our agency for two years while he was with Google. As a Google Partner agency, having a resource like Joey to assist with pitches enabled us to close more deals and grow the retainer side of our business, with a net quadrupling of long-term Google AdWords clients.

Joey was not only knowledgeable in all aspects of digital marketing, he was always professional, punctual, obliging of his time, and all-around easy to work with.

Chiara Motola

Sales Team Leader at Google Partners

The Google Partners team specialise in helping digital agencies grow, by providing account management, strategic sales advice, and analytical support. Working primarily with Google Partner agencies, they help to identify sales and business development opportunities.

I worked close to Joey for over 2 years as an Agency Development Manager at Google Partners and I had the privilege to manage him for the last 8 months. He did a great job: overachieving his targets, working closely with his agencies to boost their satisfaction, communicating internally and sharing “best practices”.

He is a trustful, energetic, and hard-working professional with a deep knowledge of the digital marketing sector.

I definitely recommend him!

Martin McQueen

Sales & Campaign Manager at Authority Factory

Authority Factory are business growth specialists in the digital marketing industry. They help grow business traffic through uses of SEO, PPC, Social, and Display, and increase sales with CRO & Email strategies.

I had the pleasure of working with Joseph whilst he was with Google. During this time, of approximately two years, Joey worked with me in co-pitching and bringing in new business, and also in problem-solving and assisting with account management.

Through this time Joey’s skill-set and calm professional demeanor greatly impressed both me and my clients and provided a great resource for our business, as did all of Google TRO.

Madeleine Kingsley

UI/UX Designer at Momentum Cloud Technologies

Momentum Cloud believes that every individual should own their digital footprint and be able to harness their own data to support their learning pathways. They provide software solutions that unlock learning information and build learning support networks.

I have had the pleasure of working with Joey over the past year on digital marketing strategies for Momentum Cloud. We run all digital media projects through an advertising agency, which assigned a Google Representative – Joey; who creates a unique approach for advertising online, working with large digital agencies across Australia and New Zealand for thousands of clients globally.

Even though I do not have direct contact with Joey (I have to communicate through the agency first to organise a meeting with him) he is very responsive and a man you can rely on to get the job done. Joey is highly professional and not afraid to go the extra mile, even if he will get no credit for the work done.

His extensive knowledge in the industry has meant great success for our business and I would recommend Joey to anyone looking for an in-depth media plan with high ROI’s, or an agency looking for an invaluable manager.

Chris Cowan

Agency Development Manager at Google Partners

Google Partners AU/NZ is a team that specialises in helping digital agencies grow in Australia and New Zealand. Providing account management services, sales advice, and analytical support, working primarily with Google Partner agencies they help agencies with business development and sales.

Joseph (Joey) is a fantastic colleague and someone you can always rely on. Joey will put 110% effort into his job, and will not leave to go home until he is satisfied with the quality of work completed that day.

He assisted me in furthering my development from the start of my time at Google Partners and spent his time training me; which is not his job nor was he asked. Joey’s a go-to kind of guy. If someone needs help, he’s there. Joey is able to adapt quickly to situations and is willing to share his knowledge to help colleagues succeed. He has consistently demonstrated this behaviour and is an invaluable member of our team.

What I especially like about Joey is his ability to stay humble regardless of his exceptional results and past experience.

Being self-driven, highly professional, and with an outstanding work ethic, I know that Joey will make an excellent addition to any team in any industry.

Tom Smolarek

Digital Marketing Specialist at BirdBrain

BirdBrain Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Perth, Western Australia who particularly focus on the success and growth in the SEM world for their clients, where Tom accomplished more than 1500%+ YoY organic search growth across the department.

BirdBrain’s SEM team had the pleasure of working with Joey as our Google Representative partner during the 16/17 period. In a period of triple digit growth, Joey’s data analytics & strategic search expertise proved invaluable within many search optimisation and client management scenarios. I would highly recommend Joey as a great culture fit and for his expertise to any digital marketing team.

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