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I’ve personally used Agent 6 Marketing’s services recently and have found them to be extremely knowledgeable as well as efficient. We’ve had the project completed within the tight deadlines and have been very happy with the results of getting more leads for our business; Seriously Trademarks.

I am happy to recommend them for SEO and digital marketing services to anyone.

Binh Duong Rey

Joshua Lee

Head of Annalect Australia

About Joshua: Over 10 years experience in the digital industry has led me into the marketing consulting space where I am responsible for a pioneering team of data, technology and analytics specialists within Omnicom Media Group.

Imagine a savvy marketer who can sell gold to the poor and still exceed his target. Pair that with a strong knowledge in Search and the online space and you’ll get Marc Enners. Marc was instrumental in helping nurture my client management skills at Amplify. He is a great communicator and is always open to the opinions of those under him before making final judgment. Marc has also been vigilant at streamlining the work processes at Amplify in order to increase productivity. I most certainly place my trust in Marc as a reliable leader and manager to any employee.

Peter-John Lewis

Communications Specialist at Momentum Connect

About Peter-John: I’m a content marketing and social media engagement strategist, writer, editor and executive. I have over 20 years’ experience helping some of Australia’s leading companies and dozens of small-to-medium-sized businesses across a range of industry sectors.

When Marc worked with Stet, he was an astute, creative copywriter whose one ambition was to always achieve the best possible results for our clients. He could write for any medium, but had special expertise in writing effective copy for the Internet, so it’s no surprise he’s been such a success in SEO.

Stephan Froden

Webmaster at Melbourne Convention + Visitors Bureau

Having worked extensively with Amplify during our recent website overhaul, I wish to acknowledge the excellent work they undertook in improving the search engine optimisation (SEO) for the Melbourne Convention + Visitors Bureau website. The team were a pleasure to deal with and the reports that they produced were comprehensive, yet easy to digest.

Scott Swabey

Development Director at Lafinboy Productions

About Scott: Scott is a highly experienced web developer who built his first website in 1999. In 2000 Scott moved from the UK to Australia to take up the position of Web Portal Manager with Reed Business, where he was part of a team responsible for the specification, design, development and marketing of several market leading B2B vertical market portal websites.

Marc is a legend! In every dealing I have had with him he has demonstrated an expansive knowledge of SEO, SEM, sales and marketing in general. His continued education in the technical side of online development has given him a double edge to his sword. A rare combination of sales/marketing knowledge and technical understanding of the medium make Marc a valuable asset to any team.

Patrick Fitzgerald

Search & Display Specialist at Appliances Online

About Patrick: Digital and online marketing professional with 7.5 years success in delivering results in dynamic and competitive markets. I take a structured management approach to online marketing with strong project management skills.

Marc is a valued colleague in the Amplify team. His strong, ever expanding SEO knowledge aside, Marc’s leadership and communication skills have resulted in him leading a successful team of search analysts in Sydney.

Marc is results focused and has helped to create lasting relationships with new and existing clients at Amplify. He achieves this through his dedicated, often determined nature and his genuine interest in our clients success.

I have no hesitation recommending Marc as a strong leader and team player, who I enjoy working with.

James Beattie

CTO at Showpo

About James: I have over 15 years experience in all aspects of the web stack, cloud-based application development, online marketing, digital production and dev team management. This includes over 10 years of experience in writing enterprise-level PHP code – in both in-house roles, and agency based work.

Marc is an exceptionally talented individual in the areas of SEO, SEM and online marketing.

He has an in-depth understanding of search marketing, search engine optimisation and, perhaps more importantly, the underlying business motivations behind these forms of marketing.

His talent is in identifying online marketing opportunities and addressing them effectively.

I have no hesitation in recommending Marc to help you maximise your online revenue.

David Northmore

Business, E-commerce and Digital Marketing Consultant and entrepreneur

About David: David consults with businesses in Australia, Singapore, UK, India, China and NZ and specialises in strategically growing a company’s online presence and their ability to increase the ratio of web visitors into leads and / or sales.

When I was the Head of Search at Amplify, Marc was my senior Search Manager.

Marc was a standout individual who worked hard, inspired all and gave us constant belly laughs. I would have no hesitation in recommending Marc to any future employers, business partners or clients.

Marc was particularly skilled at the client facing role and was able to relate to people of all levels of the company structure. He always strived to improve himself, the people around him and the processes by which we all worked.

In addition to all of the above I have to mention Marc’s skills with the written word. He was our go to man when it came to writing killer copy or tackling long boring text; truly an art.

Mark Nunan

Founder & Director - 90 Degrees Digital Pty Ltd

Marc Enners crossed the tracks from old school marketing at American Express into search marketing at Amplify, where he now holds down the position of Head of Search.

He has an excellent track record of success, across both paid search and search engine optimisation, with blue chip Australian clients including Australian Unity and Webjet.

Marc is intelligent, affable and adept at building strong, productive relationships with his clients. He is an A-grade communications and marketing operative, and a good guy who gets the job done.

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