Business Vision

Business Vision

Building a beautiful cost-effective website for SEO & PPC

Business Vision came to Agent 6 Marketing with a challenge to create from scratch an SEO-friendly website that would help them convert AdWords advertising traffic and in time position the brand to rank prominently for high value keyword topics centred around “business coaching” for the Sydney metro region.

The importance of PPC traffic

As Business Vision was a newcomer to Google’s organic listings, the key was to design a fast-loading, user-friendly website with a significant footprint and begin sending visitors to it with paid ads, so that the search engine could begin receiving genuine feedback from visitors and potential customers whilst it completes its initial indexing and ranking of the site.

Paid advertising was always going to feature prominently in Business Vision’s strategy. Simply hoping that a few links would suffice to get a website indexed and competing for rankings in its infancy against established competitors was unrealistic.

Building it right and then sending traffic to it

The key was to build the website correctly with landing pages optimised to work for both SEO in the long term and paid search in the short term. So taking a step back we designed the site’s information architecture (the page tree) to feature the brand’s services in a logical and easy to access manner, to tell Business Vision’s story in a way that’s easy to digest for the reader, but still proves effective and relevant with PPC ads.

June 2018: A work in progress

We launched Business Vision at the beginning of June 2018, so this case study is very much a work in progress. Standby for further updates.

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