Haberfield Chiropractic

Haberfield Chiropractic

From small beginnings big things grow!

Haberfield Chiropractic came to us in a tight spot. They’re a small practice looking to gain more traction from their online presence on a tight budget. Their website is also tied to a custom WordPress platform which owns their URL and provides a complimentary blog feed.

Mission #1: Getting Local SEO back on track

Content Fix – After reviewing Haberfield Chiropractic’s website, it became obvious key customer information was missing and that this poor content footprint was depressing organic search (SEO) results and the user experience (UX). Before sending ads to the website and marketing the business in earnest, we first needed to

As Agent 6 as considerable experience in the chiropractic sector from our work with Health Space Clinics, we provided the client with customer insights on high value keyword topics that appeal to its audience and suggested example content from high performers in similar markets.

Examples of content added:

  • Chiropractic treatments offered
  • Conditions
  • Updated bios

Structural Upgrade & Site Expansion – Once the content was written up we restructured the website with an updated information architecture and navigation, cleaned up and compressed imagery and ensured the new structure was working optimally.

Link refresh – Agent 6 also took the opportunity to review the site’s link profile in relation to competing websites to make sure the site’s link profile matches or surpasses its rivals.

The initial result was an instant uptick in organic traffic (23% month-on-month) and customer enquiries (5%), but there’s plenty left to do.

Mission #2: Begin paid ads

SEO upgrades and quick website fixes can only achieve so much on their own. The reality is that organic traffic is but one channel in a multi-channel digital environment and SEO is but one. As such, paid search and social ads were going to be high on our agenda once the website was upgraded to an adequate standard.

A work in progress…

Standby for more updates as we begin to roll out paid ads for this brand.


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