StayWell Group

StayWell Group

AdWords in a competitive hospitality space

In 2014 we took over the StayWell Hospitality Group’s AdWords advertising portfolio from another digital ad agency in Sydney. The previous agency had blown out the ad budget and reporting from Google Analytics simply didn’t match the hotel group’s internal sales figures.

An international ad campaign across 16 hotels & resorts

The disconnect between Google Analytics and the hotel group’s sales data stemmed from erroneous currency conversions and poor tracking implementation. Once we corrected these errors, our marketers were able to restructure the accounts based on correct numbers. In parallel, we recommended key modifications to the landing pages to increase their relevance and improve their usability and load times on mobile. The combination of these efforts delivered stronger results; not only in paid search, but also across all other channels, and especially SEO.

StayWell Highlights: We spent less and made more!

Hard work pays off!

  • 2016 AdWords ROI increased by 131% from when we took over in 2014
  • 2016 AdWords revenue rose by 10% while spending 20% less than in 2014
  • AdWords cost per booking dropped from 32% to 24%

Feedback from the client

Top Notch! Their willingness to listen to my suggestions and bring them to life as well as their ability to put their talent and expertise to work in exceeding our expectations.

Marc and Andrei know their stuff. Good guys to work with as well. A straight shooter in an industry filled with “cloudiness”.

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