Veriu Hotels

Veriu Hotels

UX + SEO = Better Results

The Veriu Hotels & Suites (formerly known as the Furnished Property Group) feature hotels and rental flats which out-perform larger, better-funded competitors under Agent 6’s guidance. By building a better responsive website underpinned by strong SEO and UX principles of putting the content users need front and centre and within easy reach, Agent 6 helped deliver ROI positive results by increasing organic rankings, click-through-rates, whilst lowering the websites’ bounce rates.

Integrated Marketing: Hard work pays off

Through our combined web design & development (better responsive UX), tactical use of SEO optimised content and highly targeted paid marketing efforts, we’ve achieved stunning results year on year:

  • An average of 37% organic search growth over a two-year span.
  • A 34% increase in conversions year-on-year.

About The Author

Agent 6 Marketing is digital advertising agency based in Sydney specialising in SEO, Paid Search Ads, Social Media Ads, Content Curation, Email Marketing, Website Audits, Analytics Tracking Setups and much more. To market your services or products and take a bite out of the competition trust Agent 6's team of online marketing experts to deliver.