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Marc and the team from Agent 6 are marketing assassins. They understand my business, my needs on the dark arts of Google

Greg Dobrin
SureServe Financial Services

We are a digital advertising agency based in Sydney and we do four things really well, namely:

We also do…

  • Digital Marketing Setups – where we help set up your digital properties so it’s done right… the first time!
  • Digital Audits – where we uncover where your competitors are stealing your lunch and how you can overtake them.
  • And a whole lot more…

Our roots are in search and we’re very experienced in both SEO and paid search. From there we’ve branched out into social ads and email campaigns.

Where we tend to differ is…

  • We don’t outsource our marketing work. We build our campaigns in-house and we’re able to compete due to our experience, efficiencies born out of that experience, and our ability to stay current and innovative.
  • We charge a flat fee. You won’t see us take a percentage of spend, but we are game to take on performance bonuses if you’re game to hand them out!
  • We look for long term partnerships and adjust our retainers so they’re a win-win for both parties.

We came to digital marketing from different avenues.

  • Marc was a marketer and a copywriter by trade, so SEO was a natural fit when into existence.
  • Andrei worked for an ergonomic furniture company and learned the trade by selling office chairs.
  • Joey got a job at Google and was our account manager for a few years before we lured him away!
  • Alex did some content work for us between Uni classes. He enjoyed it so much he decided to stick around.

Yes. We have a lot of time for new or small businesses. We understand the trials and tribulations involved in hanging your shingle and taking on the big bad world. So we’ll lend a hand where we can.

If a business is tight on funds, we’ll recommend a best way forward within their budget.

Get in touch with us.

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