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Marc and the team from Agent 6 are marketing assassins. They understand my business, my needs on the dark arts of Google

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Digital Marketing Setups done right!

Time and again we see small business owners and senior marketers in large corporates trying to “save money” by setting up advertising and analytics accounts in-house. Usually this unenviable task left to a junior staff member whose experience is dubious at best or internal IT personnel who have better things to do and no skin in the game.

Invariably, the whole enterprise comes crashing down when the data is found “not to match up” with internal sales figures or “fails to be recorded” at all. It’s a tale as old as Google Analytics…. But there is a better way!

Setting things up the right way

We live in a very specialised world and knowing how to connect correctly every aspect of the digital advertising suite is work best done by experts who are accountable to every online sale. Outsourcing account setups to a workforce who is not dependent on these tools working right is a sure fire way to find out later down the track that you missed out on many lucrative opportunities through faulty or missing data.

Don’t make the mistake that cheapskates make. Outsource speciality work to specialists and do what you do best; ie, make great products or services for your marketers to accurately track and sell online.

It’s time to get better results. Set it up the right way with Agent 6.

Google Web & Ads

The saying “if you’re not on Google, you’re not visible” certainly applies to digital advertising in Australia. At 90%+ market share for most high value keyword search topics, the Big G cannot be avoided if you’re wanting to be seen by a significant share of your prospective customers.

To this end, we make sure the following Google platforms are properly setup up to accurately track your visitor traffic and sales. This includes:

  • Google Tag Manager & Search Console
  • Google Analytics, AdWords & Google My Business

Facebook & Instagram

The natural complement to Google AdWords is Facebook Advertising portal (which also gives you access to Instagram ad inventory).

Again, a sound setup can make the big difference between giving away ad funds to the publisher on less than effective campaigns – or targeting your audience with incredible precision and reach.

Peripheral Properties 

The modern web is full of potential touch points for your brand – and they all need to be set up properly; to carry through your brand message, give your customers more opportunities to contact you and to buy your goods or services. From Bing Places, to business directories to a plethora of social media properties… Each needs to be set up correctly and who better to do this than an experienced digital marketing team with deep roots in SEO and online advertising?

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