Who we are

Agent 6 are highly specialised digital marketing consultants. We are at our best working with your marketing department to drive more sales for your business. We combine an ideal mix of creative marketing and technical knowledge to help you wage war on your competitors and gain market share through better marketing.


Our approach to marketing is simple. We treat your business as if it were ours, gain a thorough understanding of your objectives, the key products, services and levers of your business, and then we conceive a plan to achieve your goals within your means.


In every job we undertake, we look for an edge – to do things better than your competition and create a point of difference that delivers results. Our vast experience in all manner of digital marketing allows us to identify opportunities you may not be fully leveraging and to identify areas where we can grow your market share.

Technically proficient

Visitors to your website expect instant gratification and search engines reward websites designed to deliver such an experience. With Australia’s abysmal Internet speeds, getting the fastest, leanest web platform is important. That’s where we come in. Agent 6 understand code. We outperform our peers by ensuring your website is a lean, mean, competition crushing machine.