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Social Media Advertising

Social media’s incredible reach – and Facebook’s in particular – have come in close scrutiny of late, and for good reason. Privacy as we know is ‘evolving’ and a bunch of us through our interactions on social platforms and the web have handed over to advertiser-accessible databases, key information about who we are and what interests us.

This is a boon for advertisers. When you advertise on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, you’ll find – provided you know what you’re doing – you have access to incredibly powerful demographic and behavioural targeting tools.

No longer are you simply aiming at geographic locations, but you can now target specific socio-economic groups or people with common interests when they’re most likely to interact or buy – and to do so in a very granular way.

Leveraging the power of Big Data

Internet and assisted by programmatic aids can return exceptional results if you know what you’re doing. That’s where specialist agencies like ours come in. We work every day across paid search and social channels for a variety of clients across many industries in Australia and abroad.

We know where to advertise, when to do it, and on what channels to do it; and most importantly, we know when to switch tacks and redirect your valuable ad funds to what will make you money and pull back on what won’t.

Knowing all the options at your disposal can only come by working on them for many clients. It’s your chance to benefit from that experience by contacting us today.

Get better results. Contact Agent 6 Marketing to discuss how we can help you with your social media campaigns.

Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn

Agent 6 optimises your Facebook ads and Instagram promotions to increase your sales, while lowering your costs.

Our Social Media Services

We cover the gamut of social ads, including…

Profiling & Re-targeting

We match your existing customers with their Facebook profiles an re-target them or exclude them as required when prospecting.

Lookalike Audiences

We match your existing customers with their Facebook profiles an re-target them or exclude them as required when prospecting.

Lookalike Audiences

We match your existing customers with their Facebook profiles an re-target them or exclude them as required when prospecting.

Data-driven Results

Many of our clients have come to us because they’re unable to get visibility on what works and what doesn’t. We specialise in accurately tracking everything we do; and that ability allows us to shift budgets to where they need to go to put you in front of your most profitable audience.

Our services


The art of getting your website(s) to rank prominently for high-value keyword queries is our bread and butter we are Sydney SEO masters.

Email Marketing

Agent 6 designs beautiful, highly converting Electronic Direct Mail campaigns to turn existing customers into repeat buyers.

UX Design

Better web design for superior results to outperform your competition. Get ahead on paid ads and SEO with a better website.

PPC Advertising

We craft superb paid digital advertising campaigns (Google Ads, Facebook Ads) that get found and deliver cost-effective results.

Web Design & Dev

We deliver the best design style and substance which is compelling and intuitive without sacrificing the ability to be found and to sell.

Digital Marketing Setups

Great WordPress websites, paid search and social media ad campaigns kick started with a sound setup. Get it right the first time with Agent 6.

Social Media

We leverage big data to target with laser-like precision potential customers most likely to buy your products or services.


Great marketing demands great content. Our writers write to persuade and understand the ins and outs of SEO to deliver content that sells.

Digital Audits

Find out where the bodies are buried and steal market share back from your competitors. It starts with a quality digital audit (AdWords - SEO Sydney).

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