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Web Development Sydney – Better SEO driven web development for Australian businesses.

The Finest WordPress Web Dev Sydney

A Sydney web development agency specialising in WordPress will typically aim to build pretty, functional websites. Think of your WordPress web developer as tradesperson, say a plumber… Their goal will be to clear up upstructions and get the water flowing. They won’t worry too much about how good it tastes.

Web developers are like tradies… But not ours!

Web developers are no different. Their aim is chiefly to build a pretty website that works with the basic building blocks well-aligned and loading at a reasonable pace.

Agent 6’s web developers aren’t hired for that. They’re hired to build websites that rank on search engine rankings, convert visitors into buyers and to dominate keyword (SEO) organic rankings for the high value terms that really matter. We don’t hire them to keep the water flowing… That’s a given! We employ them to win and beat your competition into a pulp in SEO and to deliver dedicated paid search pages (SEM) with a great quality score that convert.

WordPress web development with a purpose – to win!

You may gather from our focus on web development that we’re extremely competitive – and you’d be right. We don’t do web development to simply put a glorified business card online. We leave that to other agencies. We build winners and we use WordPress as our tool of choice.

WordPress web development for superior SEO results

That being said, we aren’t slaves to WordPress. We use this web development platform or CMS to build a powerful framework for your online marketing – one that gives your business a leg up on its competition for high traffic terms.

We use every legitimate SEO white hat technique to build a site on sound principles, engineered to showcase what your business does best for the very words your audience is using.

And once we’ve achieved our aim, we go beyond traditional WordPress constraints and build robust, lightning fast web pages to make you a mainstay of Google’s search rankings.

Not just Sydney web developers, we’re a high performance digital agency!

To make sure our web development team can achieve best in class results, we employ digital strategists, designers, marketers, copywriters and conversion optimisers to develop websites that win.

Check out our offerings and book in a consult to begin your web development journey with Agent 6. Web development agents are standing by!

Designed to appeal. Structured to win.

Understanding your goals also means understanding your customers. Our process starts with building a great strategy. We research your marketplace and your competitors to identify opportunities where your business can gain ground, and then develop a plan to make it happen. Before we begin any project, we recommend you fill in a Reverse Brief to give you the chance to answer our questions to allow us to deliver a website that exceeds your expectations. We review your current website to implement the necessary fixes to overtake your rivals in organic search.

Your search for "Web Development Sydney" has lead you to Agent 6.

 Welcome! We’ve been expecting you. We’re Agent 6 Marketing, a digital marketing agency specialising in high performance WordPress web development for eCommerce, digital adverters and any Australian-based business looking to dominate its market sector.

At first, we meet with you to determine your objectives and the type of web user experience you’d like to provide. This can vary from a B2B or B2C eCommerce sales funnel to a simpler information website. Or perhaps you are a niche service provider to a discerning clientele who needs a unique website designed to stand out from the crowd. Irrespective of your individual needs, we’ve worked with a great variety of businesses We have worked with a great variety of businesses large and small and can take you through best of breed examples when we meet.


Most businesses know they need SEO. They know that it’s important to “show up” on Google for high value keyword terms, but they’re often not sure what those terms are and how to structure a site properly to get the job done.

That’s understable. It’s difficult to be a master of every discipline. In fact, it’s impossible. That’s where we come in. We take your winning goods and services and showcase them online in a more effective way than your competitors. We design every product category and every page to beat their rivals and we create a unique digital marketing plan to get the most out of your best in class website.

Better web development

Coding well is one thing. Designing pretty pages is another… But great sales results aren’t achieved by accident online. They’re done intentionally using on-page and off-page tactics to supplant your competition.

Most Sydney web developers fail this basic test. They build pretty sites without a laser beam focus on the words, the supporting structure and techniques that will result in a greater visibility and more conversions for your business.

Agent 6 web developers aren’t just judged on getting the padding right on web page content. We look after that of course, but we’re much more concerned with outperforming your rivals on key Google algorithm metrics and the resulting rankings. We’re ultimately judged on your sales and ROI – and that’s what truly sets us apart from the pretty picture Sydney web developers.

Post launch success

Market beating results don’t end on website launch. At Agent 6, we forecast your web journey, from research to web development through to launch and beyond.

Our aim is not to simply set you up with a nice WordPress site, but to develop a proper business weapon you can leverage across your various marketing channels.

Join us today, to take the first step. Simply follow the prompts on the site to get in touch. You’re clicks away from starting your web development journey!

Our services


The art of getting your website(s) to rank prominently for high-value keyword queries is our bread and butter we are Sydney SEO masters.

Email Marketing

Agent 6 designs beautiful, highly converting Electronic Direct Mail campaigns to turn existing customers into repeat buyers.

UX Design

Better web design for superior results to outperform your competition. Get ahead on paid ads and SEO with a better website.

PPC Advertising

We craft superb paid digital advertising campaigns (Google Ads, Facebook Ads) that get found and deliver cost-effective results.

Web Design & Dev

We deliver the best design style and substance which is compelling and intuitive without sacrificing the ability to be found and to sell.

Digital Marketing Setups

Great WordPress websites, paid search and social media ad campaigns kick started with a sound setup. Get it right the first time with Agent 6.

Social Media

We leverage big data to target with laser-like precision potential customers most likely to buy your products or services.


Great marketing demands great content. Our writers write to persuade and understand the ins and outs of SEO to deliver content that sells.

Digital Audits

Find out where the bodies are buried and steal market share back from your competitors. It starts with a quality digital audit (AdWords - SEO Sydney).

Give Us A Mission

Contact us today and we can assist you in achieving your business goals.