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Marc and the team from Agent 6 are marketing assassins. They understand my business, my needs on the dark arts of Google

Greg Dobrin
SureServe Financial Services

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Our Team

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Marc Enners

With 25 years of marketing experience working for the likes of Disney, American Express, Nintendo and Cadbury’s, founding Agent 6 Marketing Marc has made it his mission to fix the web one website at a time.

Group Account Director

Joey Allan

Joey Allan came to us from Google’s marketing team. An insightful marketer with a passion for UX Design & Web Optimisation, Joey’s vast knowledge across the entire Google AdWords suite is an asset for your business.

Digital Strategist

Andrei Jach

Specialising in complex search campaigns and data integrations and analysis, Andrei identifies and overcomes issues preventing websites and campaigns from reaching their ultimate goals and their KPIs.

Marketing Coordinator

Alex King

Agent 6’s latest recruit, Alex is our content marketing secret weapon. Alex loves the written word and how it can be employed to grow your brand and topic authority.

Senior Business Consultant

James King

Friend, mentor and our chief business advisor, James helps Agent 6 achieve its business objectives by improving its systems and delivering better services for its clients.

Our Partners

Partners & Tech

Agent 6 relies on many external partners in Australia and abroad to meet the objectives of its customers. From Big Data Analytics to specialist New-York based Social Media Marketers. Meet our bigger team!

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