Digital Marketing Acronym Crossword

International Crossword Puzzle Day 

For International Crossword Puzzle Day on 21 December 2023, we put together and posted this Digital Marketing Acronyms crossword on Social Media for you to test your digital marketing lingo prowess!

All of these terms are used regularly in digital marketing including SEO and SEM activities. (in fact, if your digital marketer doesn’t refer to all of these regularly, it’s time to get a new search engine specialist and contact the friendly team at Agent 6 Marketing to propel your website’s SERP results). 

So grab a pencil and have a go at spelling out what these digital marketing acronyms mean. 

Spoiler alert: Answers below the image – do not check them till you’re ready! 

A crossword puzzle using 12 of the most common digital marketing acronyms. Enjoy!

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Here goes….



1. CTR: Click Through Rate 

2. CPC: Cost Per Click 

4. SEO: Search Engine Marketing 

7. CTA: Call To Action 

8. SERP: Search Engine Results Page 

9. CPA: Cost Per Click

10. ROAS: Return On Ad Spend


1. CMS: Content Management System 

3. SEO: Search Engine Optimisation 

5. ROI: Return On Investment 

6. CPL: Cost Per Lead 

11. PPC: Pay Per Click