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Marc and the team from Agent 6 are marketing assassins. They understand my business, my needs on the dark arts of Google

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PPC Search Advertising

Gone are the days when solely focusing on SEO would be sufficient to attract search customers online. With the advent of mobile devices, the search for what your business does best is happening on a host of screens and devices.

Across most high value keyword topic searches, you’ll find paid ads crowding the screen well before organic search listings begin to appear; and putting up ads on those prized keywords can be a costly exercise – especially if your budget is tight.

Are you equipped to join in battle in paid search advertising – or are you about to hand Google a large sum of cash without any clear return? Odds are it will be the latter, unless you hire a team that’s done it time and again across a variety of clients and industries.

How Agent 6 Marketing can help you with AdWords and more!

PPC advertising (also known as Search Engine Marketing, aka SEM) is one of our core offerings. Our agency is grounded in search advertising in all its forms.We’re especially adept at finding opportunities in competitive market places to drive sales for your business.

Agent 6 delivers superior results through years of experience. Every one of our team members is certified in Google AdWords and across all of Google’s product suite, and our team holds over 20 years of digital marketing experience. We’re also fully conversant with Bing’s search portal.

We are a battle tested unit ready to bring your business profitable returns in paid search . Contact Agent 6 today to get a better result.

‘Classic’ Text Ads

The easiest to create, but often, the hardest to get right, the classic Google (or Bing) paid search text ads require well-thought setups to deliver ROI-positive results over the short and long term.

Display & Remarketing Ads

In competitive fields facing well-funded rivals, opportunities often lie with supporting paid search alternatives like display ads on Google’s display networking and follow-up remarketing ads. Well crafted, these paid ads will pay off.

Mobile, YouTube & Dynamic Ads

The wide variety of paid search ads allows our seasoned team of digital marketers to find opportunities on a host mediums; to take market share away from your competitors where they’re not, where they should be, and when they ought to be in front of their customers.

Programmatic Ads

Machine learning tools are already at play within Google’s interface. We use them (and other third party tools) appropriately, but we do not rely solely on them to achieve a better standard of performance no matter the market place.

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