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The easiest customer to find is the one you already have…

Marc and the team from Agent 6 are marketing assassins. They understand my business, my needs on the dark arts of Google

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ROI-positive Email Marketing

They say the easiest customer to acquire is the one you already have and sales figures bear this out; email marketing remains the most cost-effective digital marketing channel you can use – if you use it well that is…

And that’s where we come in. At Agent 6, we believe email marketing campaigns are part of a greater marketing puzzle, and we deploy them in conjunction with other channels as part of a holistic advertising strategy.

Email marketing needs to be part of your digital ad mix

Email marketing can help re-engage prospects and customers who have engaged with your brand. It’s an opportunity, all too often neglected or poorly executed, to get referrals from some of your best clients, to obtain reviews from trusted sources, to re-ignite a relationship with a compelling offer, or simply further strengthen your brand’s credibility with your client base.

Email marketing is a tremendous asset that needs work in sync with your paid ads, your blog content and offline activities.

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Converting your sales funnel

Targeted email campaigns are a potent marketing tool because you’re dealing with a prospect or customer that’s either purchased from you already or wants to know more.

From Interest to Desire to Action

A well crafted, fully tracked, responsive email gives you the chance to close out those visitors to your website or social media properties who haven’t completed a purchase yet, through time-sensitive offerings or an additional sweetener.

All Email Platforms Welcome

Agent 6 is agnostic as to your email client as long it can be well tracked and ties into your CRM seamlessly. Our preferred platforms include Campaign Monitor, MailChimp and Vision 6. For even greater integrations on a larger scale, we recommend a joint engagement with Taguchi Mail.

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