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Search Engine Optimisation

Getting your site to show up on Google for the services you offer isn’t always easy, but it’s important. Nine out of ten Internet users in Australia use Google to search online for the services you offer. If you’re in a new sector with a brand new product then showing up in a prominent position within the search rankings for a particular keyword term might be as simple as putting up webpage with content. Google’s bots should do the rest.

Throw in a couple of supporting pages with more information about your product or service, link it to a blog or social media pages and you’re done… at least for a little while until the competition wakes up.

SEO is a competitive market place

It’s when your market sector starts to get crowded that things get interesting. Soon that coveted number one ranking for a prized keyword isn’t as easy to obtain as it once was. Now you have to contend with savy competitors who pull no punches and approach SEO with a marketing strategy, homing in on your keywords and taking your market share.

Pretty soon you find yourself off the first page for some of your most important keyword terms and need to spend more in paid search (SEM) and other paid advertising channels to make up the difference.

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Relevant, Compelling Content

To get found for popular, high value keyword topics you need to express yourself in an interesting and relevant manner to your audience and answer those search queries in the very best way possible – and we can help you do just that – and structure that content so it’s found easily and intuitively.


How your site connects pages together and how other legitimate websites and pages connect to your website’s pages can make a huge difference to your organic rankings. Don’t send the wrong signal or confuse the search engine – build links the right way with Agent 6.

Technical Performance

Site speed through superior coding without any distracting clutter produces a better experience for visitors and search engine crawlers alike… and to get that kind of world beating performance, you need a search engine optimisation team that can take you to the promised land!

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