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Marc and the team from Agent 6 are marketing assassins. They understand my business, my needs on the dark arts of Google

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Better UX, better results

Often forgotten in the pursuit of SEO and higher keyword topic rankings is the user experience; but Google doesn’t overlook it – far from it, and good UX invariably translates into strong organic search results and more effective paid ad campaigns.

Beyond what's visible

Most people think of “user experience” in terms of what’s visible and functionality – how easy it is to get to what you’re after as quickly and efficiently as possible.

A significant portion of that puzzle lies in building a website that maximises site speed. This is especially true in Australia where broadband speeds are embarrassingly slow.

At Agent 6 we focus on both – what’s visible and what’s not – to deliver a better web experience for every visitor and reap the benefits across all digital channels.

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Mobile First Design

As smartphones and apps have become ubiquitous, they’ve conditioned us to take in content in novel ways. We no longer are flustered by navigation through icons and appreciate a short and to the point interaction. Websites who deliver to those expectations engender trust and deliver results. This is why we now design with the mobile experience in mind first.

Navigation & Structure

Similarly we favour simple, intuitive navigation and website structures with prominent call to actions that are always in view – ready to be acted on.

Site Speed

We look to deliver a best of breed experience on all fronts – and that means a fast experience through clean code and compressed images. The age of instant gratification demands a better user experience. Trust Agent 6 to deliver for today’s web customers.

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