Covid 19 News from the front

These are unprecedented times, and in many ways it feels like we are preparing for war. The supermarket mayhem, the closure of entertainment venues and importantly, the meteoric increase in people working from home and simply avoiding going out.

So while you don’t need me to explain coughing etiquette and how to sing your way through washing your hands, I did feel that it was important to share with you some COVID-19 news from a digital advertising perspective.

Internet speed not at risk

There has been conjecture of a slow down in internet speeds with so many people suddenly online at home and video streaming, however as of Friday, ChannelNews reports no discernible change in Australia’s internet speeds since COVID-19 has taken prominence in our lives. This is potentially because people have been using the internet at their workplace anyways, including video conferencing and other forms of video streaming.

Online advertising is now more effective

When budgets get reviewed, travel and above the line advertising are often the first to be slashed as companies tend to bunker down for the winter. But strategically-minded businesses tend to expand their marketing budgets. With so few voices to compete with at the moment and so many people turning to online shopping for all aspects of their life, your SEO and paid ads are more valuable now than ever. I’d like to share an example from Friday of one of my clients whose strong focus on SEO and Google Ads won him his biggest contract in recent memory.

Client testimonial: Matt Vas Photography

Matt Vas Photography started as an SEO client of Agent 6 and has since added Google Ads to its marketing arsenal.

“When I started working with Agent 6 I was on page 3 of Google for some of the important keywords in my industry. Since partnering with the team at Agent 6, I’ve made huge strides,” said Matt.

“But at the beginning of last week, I was worried about the Coronavirus impact on my business, thinking no one would be looking to hire my skill set. Then on Friday I got a call from a major security company offering me a significant contract which will see me busy for the next month or two. When asked how they heard about me, they replied: ‘We found you on the first page of Google, mate.’ That was music to my ears. I’ve always wanted top Google rankings for those big keywords, but now I see just how big a difference they can make to my small business. As a sole trader, I see Google as one of my biggest allies. It’s ironic that a small outfit like mine could benefit so much from one of the largest companies in the world… And to the team at Agent 6 that have put me in front of my customers when I needed to be there the most: Thanks guys!”

Not everyone has lost their jobs

While some industries – in particular hospitality and travel – have been hard hit by the halt to people-movement, other industries are overloaded with demand – notably supermarkets, mining and telecoms have all seen a surge in staffing requirements, and have even offered to hire displaced Qantas staff in the short term. When a door closes, a window opens, they say…

I’d like to close with a hopeful thought amid all this COVID-19 chaos… While the shape of the Australian job market may be changing, there is still demand for goods and services, and in particular that demand is found online. So make sure you are at the forefront with your online storefront.

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Wishing you good health.

Marc and the team