How Google’s New Algorithm Update Will Affect Your Website

How Google’s New Algorithm Update Will Affect Your Website

In November of last year, Google announced that they would be implementing a page experience ranking change to Google Search. The rollout of this update, which they call the “page experience update,” will occur gradually beginning in mid-June.

This gradual rollout gives business website owners some time to refine their website accordingly. Not sure where to start? You’re not alone. Google’s algorithm updates can be a bit confusing at times, but keeping up with them is essential to keeping your website relevant, growing, and profitable. That’s why we’ve gathered all the need-to-know information about Google’s experience update.

What’s in the Latest Google Algorithm Update?

Broadly speaking, the latest algorithm will see page experience become a factor in Google Search’s website ranking system. As stated above, this update won’t go into effect until mid-June 2021. Even then, page experience won’t be a major factor until the end of the rollout towards the end of August.

To determine which sites are providing a positive page experience, the update will consider a selection of page experience signals. This includes three Core Web Vitals metrics. There’s LCP, which measures loading performance, FID for interactivity, and CLS for visual stability. The update will also affect the top stories carousel feature on Google Search, which will now feature all news content (so long as it’s compliant with Google News’ policies). For that reason, AMP format is no longer required, and websites with varying Core Web Vitals scores can now potentially appear in the carousel.

How Your Website Will Be Affected

Though websites that offer a great user experience will be highlighted, user experience is just one of several factors that Google’s system considers when ranking websites. That being the case, it’s unlikely you’ll see any drastic changes in your website’s core metrics.

If you’re looking for ways to make your website more visible, however, there is an aspect of this update that you can take advantage of. This is the Page Experience report.

How to Optimise Your Website Accordingly

The Page Experience report is another important feature of this update and is accessible via the Google Search Console. It’s designed to offer actionable insights to help you improve the user experience of your website.

The report consists of the existing Core Web Vitals report, along with other metrics of page experience, like HTTPS security, an absence of intrusive interstitials, mobile-friendliness, and more. This will allow you to regularly evaluate your website’s performance, gain insights, and adjust accordingly.

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