SEO Golden Time 2.0

For all its negative outcomes, the COVID-19 plague has produced some interesting side effects – most notably dramatic SEO gains for businesses who’ve put in the time to get their website into view for high value keyword topics.

Huge gains for those who’ve invested in SEO

With many businesses pulling back on paid ads and a populace confined to the home actively searching online, the result was a predictable rise in organic search for those businesses putting time and energy into their SEO.

As an SEO Agency, we’ve found our clients’ online sales exploding for those that are able to trade in this period of business disruption – and most importantly, for those that have invested (and continued to invest) in their SEO.

Seizing market share amid disruption

All great disruptions in the economy (and this is very much one of those times) present an opportunity. This is very much the case for one of our long-standing clients, Davies Chocolates. Davies have been making chocolates since 1932 and are ideally placed as handmade chocolate makers to take a big bite of the marketplace.

Davies Chocolates – seizing the SEO opportunity

With strong organic rankings for niche industry keywords, Davies is thriving where their competitors are faltering. Many of Davies’ boutique chocolatier competitors rely on a combination of retail outlets (where they continue to pay rent) and paid advertising. With the former bleeding red, the latter is being cut back – and that is allowing Davies to cash in on their strong organic rankings for high value keywords.

Davies is doing so well in fact that they are starting to advertise on high priced keyword topics they were reluctant to chase in the past. Like a chip rich player at the poker table, Davies’ strong organic presence is giving them the opportunity to squeeze out lesser players who overlooked SEO in times of plenty.

Progressive Strata – marketshare gains through strong SEO

The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted just how valuable SEO can be when advertisers on Google Ads take a hit. Pre health crisis visitors were still clicking on organic listings, but now that those are showing up in prime locations, they’re literally flocking.

Take for instance the example of another of our clients, Progressive Strata Services. A niche strata management company based in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs; Progressive Strata is busier than ever thanks to dramatic gains in SEO. Not only are they benefitting from a depressed ad market, but they’re overall rankings have climbed significantly in recent months, helping them consolidate their stranglehold in local SEO.

That’s big news for a small independent agency. They’re winning when others are folding… and that’s something we’re seeing with a great many clients. Well crafted SEO-friendly websites are thriving in this environment.

The moral of the story

SEO was and remains a big part of the digital advertising landscape. In these unusual times, it is more important than ever.

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